Thursday, October 13, 2011

How I plan to stop stealing from God

This was a simple FB post that I thought I should share.  Along with the text form the post I will add the following:

I am a selfish ASS and I am always reminded of how true that statement really is.  God has a wonderful way of revealing things to those of us that truly seek His guidance.  I know that I have been stealing from God and others for way too long.  I truly long to be a percentage giver and I know the benefits that doing so offers.  I haven't always been so stinking selfish and I use to give God what He has asked for and deserved.  It is time to get back to that part of my life that I am really lacking in.  True I give my time and talents but I fall way short in giving my treasures.

So . . . this is step one to a multiple part plan (from my FB post):

In an effort to stop being selfish and to stop stealing from God and others, I have downgraded the following: 

Cut iPad cell plan + $25/month
Canceled gym membership that I haven't been to in 3 months + $60/month
Cut Hulu+ + $7/month
Reduced cell minutes since I text mostly + $20/month
Downgraded internet + $15/month
Canceled other stupid services + $20/month

Started back to school (deferment on loans right now) + $85/month

Next on the list:

Find and eliminate other stupid costs + $???
Cut down on going out + $200/month (this is a tough one)
Get out of storage unit + $ 50/month

Start giving more to God and others + Priceless

Total: +/- $400/month

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